Market analysis and positioning

We have more than 40 years of experience in the local market, which allows us to accurately read the business opportunities in Argentina and the region.

Our teams carry out market studies on a permanent basis, to analyze the viability of products and thus be able to design medium and long-term business plans.

We accompany brands in the positioning process, designing action plans that allow them to achieve the set objectives. In this way, we achieve the development of brands with international prestige and excellent local presence.

Logistics and distribution

We believe monitoring is essential in each storage and logistics instance, to increase efficiency and productivity and guarantee customer satisfaction, minimizing failures and risks.

We work with the Infor WMS platform. We have 2,000 m2 of warehouses for product storage, equipped with fire protection systems and total merchandise coverage.

Within our services, we offer the possibility of labeling and/or modifying the packaging of the products, including government requirements.

We currently operate with 350 SKUs, with coverage throughout the Argentine territory. The distribution and delivery processes are carried out under strict quality and safety controls, guaranteeing the care and inalterability of the products. We integrate with the main logistics operators in the country, with more than 5 delivery methods.

Through suppliers, we supervise the tracking throughout the journey of the merchandise.

Our logistics and distribution channels work both for shipping and for those cases in which a product must be returned.

Marketing / Sales Channels

Parallel has indisputable success stories that demonstrate our expertise in the development of international brands.

TWe have a clear strategy supported by technology and an exclusive team of professionals for each business unit. We are specialists in the development of digital marketing channels.

Depending on the type of product, we manage the relevant certifications required in the country to be able to market the product in Argentina.

We designed a marketing network that identifies the most appropriate channels at the national level according to the product, as well as its most efficient geographical distribution, reaching more than 10,000 POS throughout the country.

We adapt the commercial strategy to the characteristics of each point of sale, which allows us to respond to your specific needs.


We have a team of specialists in detecting specific market needs to work on the positioning of the brands we represent and suggest and recommend developments and product launches.

Within our department, the trade marketing area is responsible for increasing the demand for the product throughout the chain, both for distributors and for wholesalers and retailers.

For this, we carry out market research and design marketing plans according to the characteristics of each product, aligning local strategies with the guidelines defined by each brand at an international level.

We implement branding campaigns, sponsorships, co-brandings and events. We design agreements with influencers and referents in social networks.

We amplify the news of the brands with which we work in different communication channels such as RRSS and media, among others.

We recommend brands which product to launch.

Customer Service

Our customer service team has the flexibility to meet the needs of both final consumers and direct customers.

This service ensures an agile and efficient process, which puts the customer at the center, preserving the reputation of the brands we work with.

Through the various points of contact with customers (ecommerce, telephone contact, social networks, etc.) we can attend to the needs and demands that arise.

Dynamic company, with a global outlook and local experience

We specialize in the positioning, distribution and marketing of international products.

We make up a professional and experienced team, which has led the landing and consolidation of major brands in the Argentine market, with whom we work exclusively.